Best Water Stones for kitchen knife sharpening
Best Water Stones for kitchen knife sharpening
Affordable high-quality Water Stones
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Where to buy Japanese Water Stones online
Water Stone sharpening sets
Water Stone sharpening sets
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Affordable high-quality Water Stones
Where to buy Japanese Water Stones
Best Water Stones for kitchen knife sharpening
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Premium 180mm Japanese Water Stone

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Product Details :

These are the largest water stones that we offer measuring 180mm in length by 60mm in width and 30mm in depth. The large surface area aids the sharpening performance, allows for the sharpening of wide plane blades and offers extra support for honing guides when sharpening chisels and knives. These premium Japanese combination water stones are man-made from Corundum, a synthetic aluminium oxide abrasive, set in a resin bond. Combination stones consist of two stones of different grits which are machine-fused together to create a permanent joint, allowing you to rotate the stones to select the most appropriate grit. The finish that you achieve with a water stone is an amalgamation of the particle size, durability of the abrasive and the resin bond strength. These water stones have a medium strength bond and wear relatively slowly, releasing fresh, sharp abrasive at a reduced rate in comparison to stones with weaker bonds that release abrasive at higher rates and wear down more quickly.

Main Features

  • Lifetime Warranty
    If any Japanese water stone fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge
  • Premium Japanese Large Combination Water Stones
    Sharpen, hone and mirror-polish knives and fine edge woodworking tools
  • Large Surface Area
    Aids sharpening performance, sharpen wide plane blades, extra support for honing guides when sharpening chisels and knives
  • Perfect Water Stone Formulation
    Excellent for sharpening tool steel and tough alloys such as A2 and M2 high speed steels
  • Bring Tools Back to Life
    Add razor sharp edges to chisels, plane irons, knives, scissors, turning tools and carving tools
  • Long Lasting
    Stone wears slowly, releasing fresh, sharp abrasive at a reduced rate in comparison to stones with weaker bonds that wear down more quickly

How to Choose Stone ?

The 1000 grit water stone is the fastest cutting stone and is used to remove nicks before sharpening and to shape and establish a basic edge. The 2000 grit is used to refine the edge and sharpen blunt edges, the 6000 grit removes burr, hones and add a razor sharp edge and the 10,000 is an ultra fine grain stone for final polishing and adding a mirror finish. These large, long lasting water stones have a lifetime warranty and in the event of a failure due to a material or manufacturing defect the stone be replaced free of charge. 

  • Professional Whetstone: 2 whetstones have difference grit . The grit is accurate. 4 sides grit are satisfy with any knife blade needs. 400/1000 grit is typically used to repair knives with chipped edges and sharpen dull knives. 3000/8000 or 5000/10000 grit used to refine the edge and provide extra fine finish/polish on your blades.

Learn More :

The water stone formulation is excellent for sharpening O1 general tool steel, a steel commonly used to make knives, and are fast cutting when sharpening tough alloys such as A2 and M2 high speed steels which are used to manufacture chisels, plane irons, turning and carving tools. You simply immerse the stones in water and allow to soak for 3 to 5 minutes, at which point they are ready for use. It is important to ensure the water stone retains moisture during the sharpening process.

The fresh abrasive particles break down and dull during the sharpening process, creating progressively finer grits, allowing you to move seamlessly from a coarse grit stone, to a medium grit stone to a fine grit stone. After use leave the water stone to dry out naturally, before using a diamond flattening stone to re-level the face of the water stone. These combination stones sit in a polymer base which has four no-mar rubber feet to prevent the stone from wandering during the sharpening process whilst protecting the work surface from scratching. These combination stones come with a 60mm x 20mm wide mini-flattening stone for reshaping the surface of the stone.

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