For making our tools we use the steel marked like the USA analogue W1-7 (Y8), which recommended itself as good at working with hand tools. Tools are made from durable carbon steel which is suitable for manufacturing tools for wood carving the most.

Wood Carving Tools Stryi

Ergonomic and optical handle shape allows comfortable long lasting carving per day without additional pressure on hands. Each our chisel is sharpened entirely by hands without sharp edge drops that provide soft, equable, smooth and clear cut on hard and soft wood. Also such sharpening is adapted for long work and doesn’t need to be grind often.

Stryi Wood Carving Tools

On based of producing we use the full control on each of its stages - template preparation, shaping, heat treatment, polishing, sharpening and adjustment.

We put our soul in what we’re doing and try to improve our craftsmanship every day to make you satisfied with instrument you choose.