Set For Wood Carving 6 Pieces, Hook Knife, Detail Knife, Straight Knife
Hook knife, detail knife, and straight knife set for wood carving
Best wood carving set with 3 tools: hook knife, detail knife, straight knife
Carving tool set for woodworking - 3 pieces
Woodworking tools - 3-piece set for carving pot wood
Essential wood carving tools - hook knife, detail knife, straight knife

Set For Wood Carving 6 Pieces, Hook Knife, Detail Knife, Straight Knife

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Enhance your woodcarving skills with this comprehensive set of carving tools designed specifically for carving pot wood. This carving tool set for woodcarving includes a peeler cutter , hook cutter, universal cutter, sharpener, knife, wax, bag, sandpaper.

Hook Knife: The Hook Knife features a curved blade that is perfect for creating hollows and concave shapes in pot wood. Its ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to carve with precision and control.

Detail Knife: The Detail Knife is a versatile tool with a narrow, pointed blade. It is ideal for intricate and delicate carving work, allowing you to create intricate details and fine lines on your pot wood projects. The knife's handle is designed for optimal comfort during prolonged carving sessions.

Straight Knife: The Straight Knife has a straight-edged blade that is suitable for a variety of carving tasks. It is perfect for making straight cuts, shaping edges, and removing larger portions of wood. The knife's sturdy handle provides stability and control while carving.

This woodcarving tool set features a razor-sharp blade made of hard carbon steel, ensuring exceptional strength and hardness.

Comfortable Handle: The handle is crafted from ergonomic oak hardwood, providing a comfortable grip while using the tools.


Material Blade: Chrome Vanadium Alloy
Material Handle: Black Walnut


An inexpensive knifes option that will help you with your projects.
Durable chrome vanadium alloy blade, sharp and easy to use.
Black walnut handle, beautiful and comfortable to operate.


Hook knife: Hand shank length 103 mm, Knife length 29 mm
The detail knife: Hand shank length 128 mm, Knife length 50 mm
The straight knife: Hand shank length 103 mm, Knife length 60 mm

Made in China
*not Stryi Tools

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