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Leather Sewing Lacing Pony
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Rotatable Hand Stitching Pony Clamp
Leather Sewing Lacing Pony

2 in 1 Leather Sewing Lacing Pony, Rotatable Hand Stitching Pony Clamp

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We are excited to introduce our meticulously crafted leather stitching pony, designed to enhance your leatherworking experience. Made from solid beech wood, this stitching pony offers durability and stability for all your leather stitching needs. The width of the plank is 7 cm (2.75 inches), providing ample space for comfortable usage.

Here are the highlights of our rotatable leather sewing pony:

  • Versatile positioning: You have the option to work with it in two positions - the classic style (between the thighs) or by fixing the clamp to your desktop with the included device. This flexibility allows you to choose the most comfortable and convenient setup for your workspace.

  • Adjustable tilt: The vertical part of the stitching pony can be tilted to your desired angle, providing optimal positioning for different stitching tasks.

  • Height adjustment: You can move the fixing screw up or down on the vertical part of the pony, allowing for customizable height adjustments to suit your preference and comfort level.

  • Leather-covered clamps: The top of the clamps is covered with leather to protect your leather products from scratches, ensuring a professional and pristine finish on your projects.

At our workshop, we prioritize functionality, versatility, and quality craftsmanship in all our products. We are confident that our leather stitching pony will become an indispensable tool in your leatherworking arsenal, providing you with the support and stability you need to create exceptional leather goods.

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