Wood Carving Tool Set 31 PCS
Wood Carving Tool Set for beginers
Wood Carving Tool Set for profesional
Chisels and Knife Kit for Relief Carving
Chisels Knife Kit for Relief Carving
Chisels Knife Kit for Relief Carving
hard Chisels Knife Kit
Chisels Knife Kit for Relief Carving
Chisels Knife Kit Relief Carving

Wood Carving Tool Set 31 PCS. Chisels and Knife Kit for Relief Carving

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The Professional Wood Carving Tools Set of 31 pcs STRYI Profi is a comprehensive collection of 31 high-quality instruments, perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Each tool in this set is meticulously polished, sharpened, and ready to use straight out of the package, ensuring a smooth and effortless carving experience.

Intricate Detailing: The set's v-tools and basic knives allow for detailed and delicate carving, perfect for adding intricate patterns and fine details to your woodwork.

Smooth Curves: With the gouges and bent gouges, you can sculpt smooth and flowing curves, creating elegant contours and dynamic shapes in your carvings.

Relief Carving: The assortment of tools in this set makes it ideal for relief carving, enabling you to create three-dimensional artwork with depth and dimension.

Chip Carving: The sharp and precise blades make chip carving a breeze, allowing you to create precise, intricate patterns and designs on the wood's surface.

Decorative Elements: The set's wide collection of tools enables you to add ornate decorative elements, scrolls, and motifs to your woodwork, enhancing the artistic appeal of your projects.

- Carbon steel blade
- 2mm metal thickness
- oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
- blade length - 100mm (4")
- total tool length - 235mm (9.25")
- copper ring diameter - 18mm (0.7")

>high quality carbon steel W1-7
>2mm metal thickness
> 58-60 HRC hardness
>sharpened and ready to use
>oak wood handle finished with linseed oil
>for soft and hard wood

Set consist of:
Set consist of:
1. Straight chisel, sweep 1, 5mm (0,2 inch)
2. Straight chisel, sweep 1, 15mm (0,6 inch)
3. Straight chisel, sweep 1, 20mm (0,8 inch)
4. Straight chisel, sweep 5, 25mm (1 inch)
5. Straight chisel, sweep 5, 30mm (1,2 inch)
6. Straight chisel, sweep 7, 30mm (1,2 inch)
7. Straight chisel, sweep 8, 20mm (0,8 inch)
8. Straight chisel, sweep 8, 25mm (1 inch)
9. Straight chisel, sweep 8, 30mm (1,2 inch)
10. Straight chisel, sweep 9, 3mm (0,1 inch)
11. Straight chisel, sweep 9, 5mm (0,2 inch)
12. Straight chisel, sweep 9, 20mm (0,8 inch)
13. Straight V-chisel, 45 degrees, 10mm (0,4 inch)
14. Straight V-chisel, 60 degrees, 5mm (0,2 inch)
15. Straight V-chisel, 60 degrees, 10mm (0,4 inch)
16. Straight V-chisel, 60 degrees, 15mm (0,6 inch)
17. Straight V-chisel, 90 degrees, 10mm (0,4 inch)
18. Bent chisel, sweep 1, 10mm (0,4 inch)
19. Bent chisel, sweep 3, 15mm (0,6 inch)
20. Bent chisel, sweep 3, 20mm (0,8 inch)
21. Bent chisel, sweep 7, 15mm (0,6 inch)
22. Bent chisel, sweep 9, 5mm (0,2 inch)
23. Bent chisel, sweep 9, 10mm (0,4 inch)
24. Bent chisel, sweep 9, 20mm (0,8 inch)
25. Bent V-chisel, 60 degrees, 5mm (0,2 inch)
26. Bent V-chisel, 60 degrees, 10mm (0,4 inch)
27. Reverse bent chisel, 20mm (0,8 inch)
28. Knife skewed for wood carving 35mm (1,4 inch)
29. Short bent gouge 10mm (0,4 inch)
30. Gouge sweep #7, 15mm (0,6 inch)
31. Straight gouge sweep # 8, 10mm (0,4 inch)

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