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Versatile Burnisher Scraper Set: Includes Six Multi-Shaped Scrapers

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Introducing our Versatile Burnisher Scraper Set, a comprehensive collection that includes six multi-shaped scrapers for various woodworking and crafting tasks. Crafted with precision and versatility in mind, this set is designed to meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Each scraper in this set features a unique shape and profile, allowing you to tackle a wide range of scraping and burnishing tasks with ease. Whether you're smoothing wood surfaces, removing paint or varnish, or shaping intricate details, these scrapers provide the versatility and precision you need to achieve professional results.

The 6 included scrapers are made from a strong carbon steel and come in various shapes for a wide variety of applications. The three rectangle scrapers of various thicknesses in this pack will work for the vast majority of your projects. The curved (convex and concave curves), gooseneck and beveled scrapers are ideal for working oddly shaped pieces like chairs, spindles, boxes and more.

If you have never used a burnisher, it is relatively simple to use. The idea is to roll the edges of your scraper to create a burr so that it produces fine, light shavings and makes the wood surface very smooth. To do this, you simply tilt the burnisher slightly to one side of the scraper and run the burnisher along the edge repeatedly until you produce the burr you are looking for.

Once your scrapers have the desired burr on each edge, you’ll be able to produce wonderful looking results on your wooden surfaces. Scrapers are perfect making your surfaces extra smooth and ready for light sanding for the finishing process. We highly recommend burnishing each scraper out of the box for optimum performance.

Rectangle 1:
6” tall by 2.5” wide by .023” thick

Rectangle 2:
5” tall by 2.5” wide by .031” thick

Rectangle 3:
4.7” tall by 2.5” wide by .039” thick

Gooseneck Scraper:
4.6” tall by 2.93” wide by .033” thick with multiple curves and radii

Beveled Scraper:
4.7” tall by 2.5” wide by .033” thick

Curved Scraper:
6” tall by 2” wide by .033” thick with a 1.5” curve radius on top and bottom

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