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Bench Dog Clamp Set
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Bench Dog Workbench Clamp Set

Bench Dog Clamp Set for Securely Holding Down Workpieces on MFT Tables

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Introducing our Bench Dog Clamp Set, specifically designed for securely holding down workpieces on MFT (Multifunction Table) tables. Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, this clamp set is an essential accessory for woodworking and DIY enthusiasts looking to ensure stability and accuracy in their projects.

The Bench Dog Clamp Set is engineered to provide a secure grip on workpieces, preventing movement and slippage during cutting, routing, sanding, and other woodworking tasks. Whether you're working with large panels or small pieces, these clamps offer the versatility and strength needed to hold your materials firmly in place.


Levoite Bench Dog Clamp Holdfast Dog Hole Clamp, Adjustable MFT Table Stainless Steel Hold Down Clamps for Woodworking.


  • This bench dog clamp is suitable for clamping workpieces with a maximum thickness of 2-3/4"(70mm) and hole sizes with diameter of 3/4" (19mm)/20mm.
  • The bench dog clamp is lightweight and easy to use with one hand. It allows you to adjust the clamping pressure on your workpiece easily without damaging it.
  • The bench dog is easy to lock or unlock and can apply adjustable clamping pressure of up to 600 lbs, which prevents movement of the workpiece.
  • This dog hole clamp is made of high-quality metal and crafted with durable materials that are not easily damaged, ensuring its longevity.
  • This clamp is ideal for general woodworking tasks such as milling, cutting, and grinding. Its small size makes it easy to carry around, making it a helpful tool for your work.

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