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Woodworkers Edge Ruler, Angle Measure Tool 10, 15, 20 Inches

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Precise angle alignment poses a difficulty, even for highly proficient woodworkers, when working on larger panel projects. While attempting to extend lines initiated with a compact protractor, the tiniest inaccuracies progressively amplify as your line stretches. Instead, by securing the head at the desired angle and marking your line, you can avoid this issue altogether.

The head can be adjusted from 0 to 70 and fixed every 5 times (+22-1/2 and 67-1/2) to give you an accurate reference angle and length respectively.
Close tolerance indexing pins. The pin snaps into place, giving you confidence that it's in place.

Both edges of the blade are engraved with 1/32" inch graduations. regular raises

The ruler has a total cumulative error of .004" over the length of the blade.

Almost any project can be done. Saw blades have the same special teeth.

There are notches every sixteen inches throughout the blade.

Just place the pencil in the notch and slide the tip along the edge of the pencil to get a perfectly parallel line.

The woodworking design ruler is equipped with a storage rack which can be fixed to the wall, helpful to put the ruler on it, easy to store and keeping your workplace neat and tidy.


Name: Woodworking Ruler
Material: metal
Color: silver
Size: 10 inches, 15 inches, 20 inches
Measuring range: 0-70 degrees
Measurement accuracy: 1mm
Type: square

Packing list:

1 x Woodworking Ruler
1 x Storage Rack

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