Wood carving Christmas idea

Wood carving Christmas ideas
Christmas is a very special time. And we want everything to be perfect and beautiful in this celebrating period. And in this blog we want to share with you about wood carving Christmas idea.

Wood carving Christmas idea

For this project, you don’t need many tools.

  • Supplies Needed
  • scrap wood
  • angle grinder
  • coarse grit flap disk (60 grit)
  • scroll saw (if you don’t have one, you can also cut out shapes with a jigsaw, band saw, or make squares/diamonds on a miter saw if it’s easier… just always be smart about it!
  • wood stain (I used this and this)
  • pencil
  • drill bit and drill
  • twine/thread

Step 1: Add texture to some thin scrap wood.

For example a piece of pine is a nice soft wood, but you can also use hardwoods if you have them.

Experiment with different textures: one using the grinder at a 45 degree angle, one making marks along the grain, and one going against the grain. Repeat the pattern on both sides for best effect.

christmas carving

Step 2: Mark ornament outlines

Using a pencil, mark lines to guide your cuts on the textured areas of your scrap wood. You can search for “ornament outline” online until you will find a few shapes you`ll like.

christmas carving patterns

Step 3: Cut out shapes on scroll saw

ornaments wood carving for beginners

Sometimes it sucks to think you can’t do a tutorial if you don’t have one of the tools, but not having a scroll saw can be easily worked around! If you don’t have a scroll saw, it’s still possible to cut out alternative shapes, such as diamonds with a miter saw or larger ornaments with a jigsaw. Just be careful.
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Step 4: Rough up edges with the angle grinder

It is beautiful when each piece look really rustic, so the crisp lines made from scroll are too perfect for such style.

carving ideas

Step 5: Stain and string

christmas tree