Wood carving Christmas gift ideas

Wood carving Christmas gift ideas

Creating handmade presents is always very precious. And if you are a wood carver this blog can be useful for you: wood carving Christmas gift ideas.

Wood carving Christmas gift ideas

Rosette gift box

A gift box might sound like a simple gift but you can place gift cards, jewelry, or any other trinkets in this keepsake! This floral motif has roots in ancient architecture. Rosettes in sculpture have been around since antiquity. They can be found decorating statues, temples, churches, molding, furniture, and even military awards. The design variants are numerous and largely floral in nature, consisting of leaves or petals radiating from a central hub. You can attach the applique to any object you prefer, but in this instance, Robert applied his cherry wood rosette to the top of a keepsake box.
Rosette gift box Christmas

Chip-carved picture frame

Display photos (and your artistic talent) in this elegant project. Give your love one a unique frame for a print, diploma, or photograph, chip-carved by you to make it extra special. Chip carving is easy to learn and you can complete most projects with one knife. Whether this frame will hang on your wall or be given away as a gift, knowing that you hand carved it will make the item inside even more meaningful.
Chip-carved picture frame

Walking stick

For the outdoors person, a beautiful hand-carved walking stick can be both decorative and functional. Finding a straight shank that can be cut from a tree with a block of wood at one end is always special: it lets you carve a walking stick with a one-piece decorative head. Carving a one-piece block-stick is more challenging than making a head from a separate piece of wood.
Walking stick Christmas gift

Chip carved coasters

Coasters are a practical gift that you can create in an afternoon! You can create an entire set using one design or mix and match the designs for a complete set. Each design uses a combination of standard chip carving techniques. Learning to convert a variety of patterns into chip carving patterns will open up a whole new world of opportunities. Nearly any image can be converted into a free-form chip-carving pattern, but quilt patterns are especially well-suited for geometric chip-carved designs.
Chip carved coasters Christmas gift

Hand carved magnets

These nature-themed designs are a wonderful way to hone your skills. They make delightful gifts and add a touch of Gothic flair wherever they are displayed. Be warned—the carved magnets may attract more attention than the pictures or artwork they support! Any easily carved wood can be used. It is recommended cherry, walnut, basswood, pine or white oak. The carving procedure for both the square and round designs is very similar.
Hand carved magnets Christmas gift

Whittling whimsical bookmarks

These little bookmarks are easy to carve and make great gifts. The simple designs provide a lighthearted break from more serious carvings. Keep a sketch pad handy because once you get started, you’ll come up with several new ideas for designs. 
Whittling whimsical bookmarks Christmas gift
Let your imagination run free as you brainstorm different ideas for figures climbing in or out of a book. Keep the design small enough to fit on a 1″ to 1½ ” blank. An elastic cord runs from the carving to a small block on the other end. Slide the cord between the pages to mark your place.