Easy wood carving projects for kids

step by step wood carving patterns
To start learning wood carving with your children you need to know some easy wood carving projects for kids. And to choose something you like or do step by step every project.
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Easy wood carving projects for kids

In this blog we’ll recommend some fun and interesting whittling project for kids which you can do with your children or let them do on their own if you feel like they’ve advanced to the necessary skill. The projects will start from simple to more complex ones that will use the whittling tools and techniques covered so far in this guide.

Wooden spoons

Once your kids have mastered carving on vegetables, let them start off with making a simple wooden spoon. This will test their basic skills with a carving knife as well as gouges. Make a spoon doesn’t require much effort except outlining it with a marker and start working on it with a carving knife.

Easy wood carving projects for kids

Toy figures

Toy figures and dolls are quite easy to make from branches or chunks of wood that can be found lying across parks, woods, and forests. There are no hard and fast rules as to what size and shapes the dolls might be, but the general idea is to have around humanoid wooden balls connected with an elongated wooden surface to give a humanoid appearance.

The details don’t have to be exact since the main idea of this whittling project is to ensure that your kids learn to whittle different shapes across the same carving surface. The facial details of the doll can be done with both markers or carving knives, though the details carved by knives tend to last much longer.

wooden animal figurines

Toy cars

Toy cars are a lot more complicated than toy dolls since they require more moving parts of different shapes and sizes to make the final product. Unlike toy dolls and toy animals, the individual parts of the car such as the tires, chassis, and body have to make separately then combined together with glue.

Toy cars are definitely not easy to make but are a simplified stepping stone to making more complex wood carving projects such as animatronic dolls, animals, or musical boxes. Make sure your kid(s) understand the different elements of the project and how they come together.

woodworking art

Toy animals

If your kid has successfully made a toy doll then you should let them try carving toy animals next to test and improve their whittling skills. Toy animals can be made in many ways- showpieces, dolls, and animatronic figures.

The easiest way for children to make dolls is first to draw the outline on a block of wood. You should lend a helping hand in this stage of the project as the design outline will play a big role in the final product.
wooden animals
Use your imagination ad create beautiful carving things with your kids!